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How to Contact Us

Mobile: Int: +61 (0)400 882 742
Mobile Australia: Stan Ellerm 0400 882 742     



Emergency Services Use Only

To contact our groups in the field please phone the Satellite Numbers below

Satellite phone: 0147 151 431
Satellite phone: 0147 165 416


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Gear Lists & Advice

We have 2 separate gear lists to suit the different walks that we offer

List 1

This list is for the following full pack walks: South Coast Track, Western Arthurs, Walls of Jerusalem, Lake Oberon Explorer & Frenchman’s Cap

Download the Gear List Here

List 2:

This list is for The Maria Island Guided Walk only.

Download the Gear List Here

The Layering System

The weather in Tasmania is varied and sometimes unpredictable. It is essential that you bring all of the items on the gear list. Below we have explained the layering system and its function.

The layering system consists of three layers, including:

  1. Base Layer: regulates your body temperature and wicks away moisture from your skin. Best brands are Icebreaker or any brand made from Merino Wool [not cotton items]. This item will wick moisture away from your skin and help regulate your body temperature. These products are also known as “thermals”
  2. Mid Layer: This layer traps the heat in. This item would be a fleece jacket, a down jacket or vest or soft shell jacket. It would be advisable to have 2 garments, one being lighter weight for warmer days
  3. Outer Layer: This layer would normally be your raincoat. Please select a good quality garment made of Gore-tex or a similar material. These fabrics are waterproof and breathable. This type of material lets your sweat vapour to pass through the fabric and prevents water vapour [rain] to get in

Need help with gear? Talk to an expert and get the right gear* for your needs.
Call on Ph: 1300 584 023.

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